Drawings – Portraits

Breathtaking Moments.  Lifetime of Memories. Life is filled with moments powerful enough to take your breath away.  A fantastic view, a birthday, a graduation or anniversary are all moments you try to capture on film.  You want a piece of the moment to live on forever.  What if you could capture the moment and all it’s emotion in a piece of fine art?  You could preserve the moment for generations to come. Graphite drawings are a wonderful way to honor a special moment or person you love.  Your photos can be great keepsakes. However, they’re often unforgiving to those with more life tenure or to teens challenged by acne or their scars.  A graphite portrait can capture the essence of those you love without any of the distractions.  You and your entire family can revisit a time gone by or delight in knowing reminders of time or an injury can be erased. Separated In Miles But Not in Heart Sometimes getting a family portrait done can be next to impossible.  Logistics and location can challenge even the best of us.  If you have family members in other states or countries but have longed for a family portrait, we have a solution. Gather recent photographs of those you wish to include in your portrait. With the right photos, the talents of TurningBear Mason can turn those individual photos into a family portrait. Your family will delight and be amazed in how you pulled-it-off.  What a great heirloom or gift for anyone in your family.  Know a service member serving overseas?  Imagine their smile seeing a portrait of themselves with their children or spouse. In-Person Portraits Have a family reunion planned? Eager to have a portrait of just your children or maybe grandma with all of her grandkids?  You can.  Babies and toddlers can easily participate in the portrait.  You plan the family members. We’ll help you plan your portrait.

You’ll be amazed by portraits delivering smiles even the best photographers can miss out on.  No drool marks on your babies clothing to worry about.  No demands to have a toddler sit still for seemingly endless amounts of time. Our unique process will help you make the most of your portrait and your day. Take a deep breath and smile.  We’ll help you be the hero in the eyes of your children and relatives.  From babies to grandparents, we’ve got it covered.  Contact us today and find out how easy a family portrait can be.