Murals and Faux Finishing

Unlimited Canvases

Your artwork can have no limits. Turn your wall into a work of art with murals, decorative paintings or faux finishes. What space in your home or business would you like to transform? With stunning and breathtaking works of art from artist, TurningBear Mason, your home or office space will be the most treasured place to visit.

Home builders, interior designers and architects rely on the talents of TurningBear Mason for residential model homes, restaurants and business complexes. You too, can transform your space while complimenting the architectural design, decor and style of your space. Call or email us today, for your unique needs.

A New Look or Mood for Any Room

Want to accentuate a specific architectural detail? Looking to add depth or dimension to a space? Desire to give a rustic or old world look to your space? Faux finishes, decorative paintings and murals can achieve the look you desire for your residential model home, restaurant or office complex.

What room do you have in mind? Transform its look and create a whole new feeling. Murals and decorative paintings are a great way to accentuate details. Limited only by imagination, you can create nearly any look with:

• illusions of stained glass
• wood grain or iron works
• faux windows with scenery or clear skies
• tranquil gardens
• lush green grassy meadows or botanical gardens
• landscapes or seascapes
• religious scenes depicting scripture
• philosophical story images
• faux wood trim or textures
• still life or figures
Mural of Cat Mountain

Mural of Cat Mountain



Take a look around your home or office. What do you see? What opportunities exist? Now, ask yourself what you don’t see. Do you wish you had a better view of the mountains or the sea? What experience do you want for you or your guests? Want to recall a special time or place? You can let your space take you there. It all begins with a source of inspiration. Call or email us today. We’ll help you transform your space into a work of art.





Special Spaces for Children

Thinking of your child’s bedroom, playroom or nursery? Want to create a magical place and inspire your child’s imagination? Decorative paintings are the perfect compliment to your child’s room. Custom children murals are a great way to help your child dream and inspire creativity and imagination. Does your child have a favorite book or character? You can help it all come alive with vivid images of:

• outer space and constellations
• baseball parks
• trains
• zoo animals
• fictional characters
• historical figures
• athletes
• wildlife
• jungles and beach scenes
• oceans and sea creatures

Imagine your child curled up with a book surrounded by images of their favorite scenes. Your child can get lost in his or her imagination, as playtime seems like real life as their stuffed animals, toys or action figures seem to come to life in a magical setting, their own room or playroom.

Have a toddler or infant?
A tranquil and calm space is great for your baby. You’ll find your baby’s nursery the place you’ll want to stay in as you spend time cuddling, reading, listening to music or assisting with “tummy time”. The first year is filled with so many precious milestones, and moments you wish to capture for a lifetime. You can capture these moments through murals, decorative paintings or even graphite drawings to adorn your child’s room.

Cherry Blossom Mural

Cherry Blossom Mural




Make the first year even more special with a custom mural for your child’s nursery or bedroom. Decorate your child’s crib and dresser, giving it a unique look, one your child will treasure for years to come. Call or email us today for great ideas on how to transform your child’s space.