Custom Picture Framing

Protect What You Love Archival quality materials, glazing and conservation glass can preserve your cherished belongings for years.  Custom framing can help you create a unique presentation for your fine art or treasured heirloom.  You can reflect your personal style through your selection of: artwork or personal items mat boards mouldings/ frames and other special touches Two Sided Frame      Frame Molding What will you protect from deterioration?  What would you like to preserve for generations?  Custom framing is for more than just fine art or diplomas.  You can help preserve: •    drawings from children or grandchildren •    footprints or fingerprints from birth •    scrimshaw •    needlework, tapestry, cross-stitch, crewel or embroidery •    giclee prints •    wedding certificates •    published articles •    family reunion or multi-generational photos or pencil drawings •    lithographs •    vacation souvenirs •    game jerseys with signed memorabilia •    signature hole golf course painting with score card •    family tree or family crest •    concert or meet and greet photos •    military medals “Acid Free”, Rag and Archival Mats Want to create depth or add width and color to your piece? Mat boards can offer you what you desire.  Mat boards are available in a variety of textures and appearances.  Whether your decor is casual or formal, you can find the mat board to compliment your space. Want to achieve a more elegant look?  Ask about a silk or smooth linen covering for your mat board. With mat boards available in hundreds of colors, you’re sure to make your display special. The mat board you choose is an important step in custom framing.  Your mat board will provide more than aesthetics. Your special piece needs protection from the glass, to prevent damage from humidity. What type of mat board will you choose? Paper mats or sometimes referred to as “acid free” could cause damage to your art.  You may want to consider rag mats or an archival mat.   Rag mats are available in a range of colors well beyond the basics.  You can choose from colors including but not limited to: Mat Corners 3                Mat Corners 2                Mat Corners 1 pearl pewter saddle tan moss green ivy avocado oak brown lapis or baltic blue redwood saffron wine Not sure if a rag mat is right for you?  Ask our custom framing expert for advice on choosing the best mat board for your style and preferences.  Archival or “conservation” mat boards are a great choice for those torn between a traditional paper mat and a rag mat.  Archival mats are a blend of these two mat types and have been treated.  Acid, lignin and other impurities are removed during treatment. Call or email us today for help choosing your mat board. Together, we’ll find the right mat board to enhance your fine art or special piece.  You can help your new piece have a smooth transition into the rest of your decor. Frame It The right frame sets the tone.  It can compliment your treasured piece and your decor. You can coordinate it with your furnishings and the theme or mood of your item. When choosing the right frame for your piece, keep in mind three distinct characteristics: color style texture

Keeping these traits in mind will help you find the best frame for your work of art and your style.  Frames are available in a variety of finishes.  You’re sure to find one to compliment your piece of art and your style. Your frame offers you more than structural strength and the ability to cover your item with non-glare glass or acrylic. It can also offer you the opportunity to add a mirror. Mirrors are a great way to make a space feel larger.  A mirror can help cast light around a room and draw your eye to your unique piece of art. Click an image below for more detail.

Having trouble selecting just one moulding?  This may be a great opportunity for you to combine mouldings to add even more depth or color.  By combining a variety of mouldings your custom frame can be multi-dimensional.  It will help your piece stand out as a great conversation piece or simply reflect your distinctive taste. Contact White Feather Song Picture Gallery via phone or email us today for all your custom framing needs.