Beginner Instruction

Drawing Classes

Fundamentals First

Tired of the continual training of the basics?  Looking to master the fundamentals?  The fundamentals of drawing are essential for you, as a student to excel in your abilities as an artist.  Oasis of Tucson Fundamental Drawing Whether you take a course or an entire workshop series, you need to learn the guidelines of composition.  To do this, you must have the right “heart and mind”.  A student at The Art School of TurningBear Mason must:

  • Want to learn
  • Be teachable
  • Have a willingness to work and practice
  • Desire to receive feedback through evaluation
  • Be ready to receive encouragement and guidance


Finding Balance

Recognizing every student will come to the Studio Art Instruction with a different level of experience and a variety of skill sets is key to your success.  At the Studio Art Instruction of TurningBear Mason, we recognize the importance of meeting our students where they are in their development.

Color Wheel

If you’re a more experienced artist, you’ll likely practice the fundamentals you know.  In the same spirit, someone who hasn’t yet learned how to draw will not immediately spend time learning color theory.  Whether you’re an experienced artist or a novice, there’s a place for you at Studio Art Instruction of TurningBear Mason. Call or emailus today.



Heart Versus Skill

Being unskilled can be an asset. Without knowledge and experience, you have no bad habits to overcome or faulty presumptions to unlearn. A strong Drawing Class Plein Airfoundation is essential to your success as a student.   While the right foundation is key, it is perhaps the easiest to teach.  “Heart”, however is something that can’t be taught. You must come with the strong desire to learn and to practice.  Growth lies in your ability to transition information into application.

For those new in their journey, some words of wisdom.  “Grasping the foundation of drawing is like you ascending a ladder. You must start at the first rung.”  Recognize all you’d miss if you started the journey in the middle.


Oasis of Tucson Fundamental Drawing


At TurningBear’s Studio Art Instruction he distinctly teaches the student the principles of composition and how to critique their own work. He gives personal individualized instruction in his small studio classes as assist the aspiring beginner or experienced artist in their artistic skill, compositions and expressions.

The purpose for the foundational studies is to bring the student artist through the general basics of the majority of studies with pencil and paper. The purpose is not to go into depth of Figure Study Comp. 4study, but familiarize the student with the highlights of drawing principles. The scope of the Component Courses is to be a lead into a depth of study to where the student can be equipped with the knowledge and skill to be able to pursue a career in art.

The basics that are covered in the fundamental Components of Drawing include

The tools used to produce drawings

Shapes and Forms

Still Life




Study of Geometric Shapes

Let go of the fear of the journey ahead. Embrace what waits for you at the top. Call or email us today to register for classes or our workshop series:  Explorations in Drawing, an Adventure in Excellence. Let’s get started.