Beginners Course & Workshops

Explorations in Drawing

                              An Adventure to Excellence


Instructor: Professional Artist, TurningBear Mason

Component 1 – Action Sketching in Shapes & Shadows

Component 2 – Exciting Vistas in Composition & Critique

Component 3 – Blazing Forward with Measuring & Proportions

Component 4 – Inspiring Drawing People & Animal Portraits

The COMPONENTS are the principles of drawing ranging from geometric forms, sketching techniques to composition. Each 10 hour component usually in 2 ½ hour segments or 3 day classes which is the foundation for all 2 dimensional arts.

Component 1, 2, 3 & 4 DRAWING Classes

Teens and Adult Classes

We will have several breaks… Bring snacks… Water provided
*You will receive Complementary Drawing Supplies Provided at the First Class:

Sketchbook (100 sheets – 9 X 12″), Tote Board -15 X 20″, Graphite Pencils, Pencil Sharpener, & Eraser.

PACKAGE Options for Any Budget:

Package (1) Includes Component – 1 $240

Package (2): Includes Components – 1, 2, 3, & 4 $857

Package (3): Includes Component-1 with Private One-on-One Coaching $597

Package (4): Includes all Four Components with Private One-on-One Coaching $2,147

Component 1Action Sketching in Shapes & Shadows

The fundamentals of drawing are learning the principles of art ranging from the tools, geometric shapes and value in shadowing. The course is designed teach the foundations of all 2 dimensional arts. Learning to draw depends more on the ability of the artist to observe, than any expertise with pen or pencil.

 Component 2Exciting Vistas in Composition & Critique

The fundamental drawing course 2 is learning the principles of composition. The course is observing various subjects and learning to critique your own work.

Component 3 Blazing Forward with Measuring & Proportions

The intermediate drawing course is expanded to the applications of observation, accurate measuring of the proportions of the subject of study and promoting confidence in the skills of creativity.

Component 4 Inspiring Drawing People & Animals*

The introduction to drawing people and animals will build confidence and skill of the student former practicing all that has been learned in the prior courses.

*Prerequisites: Component 1, 2 & 3 from TurningBear or another teacher.

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